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Albino Blue


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Tomorrow morning my Albino Blue will be here. I do not know much about them except the normal care for them. I did Email the guy from bluetegu.com and asked him if they hibernate or not and he said no so there is one thing i know :) . They are also strictly carniverous and acording to the guy at bluetegu.com, they are very docile just like Argentine B&W's.


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With the albino blue you are goign to have to be careful when it comes to the lighting, because even though he does need UV, it is really bad for his eyes and can easily cause damage if overexposed. I would make sure you get a good calcium supplement w/Vitamin D so that you can limit his exposure. Albino tegus have a tendancy to have eyesight problems, and in many cases are blind. You will need to be careful of this fact and sympathetic to him. It may take a long time for him to trust you, and you should probably always "announce" yourself before attempting to interact with him incase he does suffer from theses eye problems.

They are also not "strictly" carnivorous. Yes, his staple diet will be meat. My blue het albino eats whole prey, turkey balls, boneless chicken(cooked and raw), eggs by the carton, and a bunch of other stuff sometimes. Mine is also just a pet, and I have no desire to breed him, therefore he gets "treats" sometimes, and sometimes he steals them...like sour cream and onion dip...can't leave it anywhere near him...little thief...he also like homemade mashed potatoes and gravy...

Hope this helps you out..


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