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Another shout out for TegusOnly


East Tennessee
Hey y'all, just want to post my experience with Rodney Irwin and his company Tegus Only. Rodney is a stand up guy and you can tell he is busting his ass. He may be difficult to contact or communicate with at times but in all other regards he is absolutely top notch and the cause his business supports is, in my opinion, a noble one. The best way to communicate with Mr. Irwin is through phone, not text or email.

And to answer everyone's burning question, just because his Tegus are wild caught does not mean they are aggressive. Bender came to me yesterday relatively tame if somewhat shy. He is has not tail whipped or bitten or even hissed at me, only squirmed and tried to get away. I'm confident that if I do things right on my end that will fade with time.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with my experience with Tegus Only and would recommend them to anyone looking to get a Tegu.


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Prescott, AZ
I bought my second Tegu through Rodney and was also very pleased at his prompt service and attention to my request. I do want to mention though that my yearling is about 30" now, and she is very skittish, easily spooked and did try to bite me although she missed and slammed her head into the glass. It's been about 7 weeks and she's just starting to trust. Several tegutalk people helped me through the details of how to approach her and it is definitely working. As Walter1 predicted, her curiosity is getting to her! I would def buy from Rodney again - he really seems to know their characteristics. I just wanted to mention that some of them might be harder to handle than others.

Elizabeth Stallard

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We bought our first Argentine black and white tegu from Rodney Irwin in early May . Contacting Rodney was no problem , he was quick to respond with photos and answering questions . We decided on a juevenile who has grown to 26 inches in less than two months. She was shy for about one week . Now she is a dream lizard . Loves to be held , stroked and is eating voraciously . She has no food aggression at all . Her name is Sabine and we plan purchasing another juevenile from Rodney soon . As he says that they are social and enjoy the company of other tegus . We feel Rodney is doing a very admirable service for both the tegus and South Florida's ecosystem . Thanks again Rodney !

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