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Baby tegu wont eat in new enclosure


New Member
So i recently got a baby chacoan tegu hes only about 2 month old,when he arrives hes doing just fine eating everything i gave him,but i just moved him into an outdoor terrarium 2 days ago.the problem is my tegu wont eat now,i tried ground chicken,cricket,super worm and i even gave him a mice with a tweezer but he wont eat it so i left it in his cage,and when i check back he already ate the mice,so do you think its normal to have him not eating because i moved him into a new terra?(i think hes losing interest in all the food i gave him if im sitting next to its terrarium),and yeah he also run away when he see me coming,but if i pick him up his not defending himself.(sorry for my bad english)


5 Year Member
Whenever being moved to a new place whether a new house or terrarium, you gotta give them some time to adjust. Don't worry. Give him 24-36 hours and try again.


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Are we eating yet? It's totally normal for them to freak out (stop eating, hide, get aggressive) when their home is altered. Jeremy is right.

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