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Bathroom help


New Member
Good evening ladies and gents.
My BW Argentine Tegu, Coach, has now twice passed a more firm urate along with some, what looks to be diarrhea. I got Coach only fairly recently. He's been doing great otherwise, he eats whole prey, eggs w/shells, and I try VERY hard to provide a beautiful blend of fruits and veggies (butternut, mustard greens, papaya, etc. But he. Is. Picky.) I've also given him my personally raised dubia feeders that are gutloaded regularly on fruits and veggies. His temp and humidity control, according to what I've read, is spot on. 110 degree basking on a large rock, a massive water tub to soak in which is kept slightly warm thanks to heat lamp, lovely 70% -80% all day, deep substrate to burrow in, and a lovely UVB bulb for those necessary calcium absorption. So, my question is, why is this happening, and is it normal?
He had a really good solid poop a while ago, and now twice this is the result I've gotten, and nothing has changed that I'm aware of. I spend time with him every day so I'm constantly checking to make sure nothings causing issues.
Attached is a picture, and yes it is on grass, but don't fret, it is a "delightfully" hot and humid day today, so Coach got some natural heat and sunlight in our backyard ❤️
If anyone has advice, I am eagerly awaiting with open ears ❤️



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