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I imagine this has been answered A LOT but I gotta to ask since I'm only about 3 weeks into owning my first Tegu. Adopted him from a family who had a baby and just didn't have the space.

Will preface this by saying my only other experience with large lizards comes by the way of Veranus doreanus (Blue-tailed monitor) and since vast majority (including mine) are WC, feeding them was pretty much pure conjecture. Guessing, taking the word of anecdotes from long time keepers, etc etc.

My question is, how much to feed these guys? What's the method behind knowing how much vs too much vs too little? I'm pretty good with omnivorous species dietary needs but it's knowing how they eat that's tweaking me out lol so much differing opinions and info on this. I'm a professional athlete so I'm a stickler for maintaining good body composition but I also want to make sure I'm optimizing his growth. Included info below to help answer if anyone needs it.

Name: Prof. Marmalade Magoo (Mr. Magoo for short)

Age: 7mo

Length: 31in

Weight: 3.5lbs


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