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Dig Box?


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Hi! I'm purchasing a baby Tegu next month. I have two 4x2x2 enclosures and one is housing my Bearded Dragon and its a Zen habitat so its pretty deep and the other is a Reptile habitat by dubiaroaches.com. I am thinking of using the dubiaroaches enclosure as a temporary home for my Tegu however I feel the other enclosure would be better fit for deep substrate but I don't want to take my beardie out of his enclosure because he's only been in it for a few days. Both enclosures are new and I want my Beardie to be as comfortable as possible and It's also bioactive. So finally my question is , do you guys think I should go ahead and use the dubiaroaches enclosure and use a good sized dig dox to compensate for the enclosure's depth? Or swap enclosures and put my Tegu in the Zen habitat?

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