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Eating questions…is this normal?


New Member
I’ve had my 3 year old tegu for almost 10 months now. His eating patterns have not been consistent and I don’t know if it’s normal…(added day/night habits incase they help)

Jan-May he ate every 2-3 days we vary it up what we feed between many things. He would always eat. He would sleep buried and come out to bask during the day. Sometimes soak in his soaking bowl/rock/dish thing.

May-mid Sept he would maybe eat 1 f/t mice a week, if that. He would refuse all other food. At this time he also spent most of his time in his soaking bowl or laying in the damp soil where the misters spray…day and night.

Mid Sept-present he eats everything again and he would eat every day if I let him. He sleeps in his hide or basks on top of it, and does not want anything to do with his soaking bowl.

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