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Enough UVB/Calcium? Need Answers

Jack Curry

New Member
Hello, I was wondering if my Tegu was reviving enough UVB and calcium to keep his bones healthy. I have a 100 W basking lamp that has UVB in it but not all that much (if that makes sence). I dust his food in Calcium and feed him raw eggs with every meal. I've had his since February and he seems to be really good. No signs of bone disease or sickness related to low Calcium. I am also on the works of building him a nice sized cage (6x2x2) and am going to put a 10" UVB light strip in there. Any answers are appreciated.


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Either feed whole pray or ground whole pray!! I am dealing with a fuy who has MBD due to a diet much like yours.


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If at all possible increase the size of the enclosure that you will be building. I cannot say that 8' is better than 6', but it's better.

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