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Giant California Salamander-


New Member
Looking to get a GCS,
Never had one, and semi aquatic setups seem like they could be difficult to maintain.

Also, i cant find anything about these guys diets, or even general care for that matter.

Any suggestions?
The guy has him in a five or ten gallon, with aquarium gravel, higher on one side than the other, so there is an area above the water.
and two plastic aquarium plants.
I really want the little guy, and he seems to be a good weight, and good color, i just don't know really anything about them. If nothing else, its obvious he needs a better set up with hides and some better plants ext.

Anyone know anything about heating/lighting for these guys, filtration ext? I'd at the very least like to try and give him a better home than he seems to have now.

IMG_9347 (1) by ReptiBonezXO, on Flickr

IMG_9348 by ReptiBonezXO, on Flickr


Nevermind. some kid who got all upset because i didnt want to trade my red tail and all her stuff for this very lacking set up.
Not letting my snake go to some kid who gets made because i tell them i'd have to put money into the setup because "Well, thats how they had it at the pet store"...

ugh, some people. Poor little one though, wish i could get it from them anyways. I might not know much about them, but i know it needs more than whats in its tank now....

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