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Hello Everyone

Galen Tom

New Member
Name's Galen. I just picked up a tamed B&W Tegu. Seems to be a teenager (2' head-to-tail). This is a lizard on my bucket list for some time.

While this is my first Tegu; I been researching for over a year.

To appease the wife I had to give up a very tamed Banana Pinstripe Ball Python and a Children's Python.

Now I am left with the following:
• B&W Tegu (name TBD)
• White Diamond Super Russo Ball Python (Sugar)
• GHI Mojave Ball Python (Shadow)
• Senegal Parrot (Phoenix)
• Electic Blue Alcara breeding aquaium
• Pleco, Bichir, and Oscar Aquarium

I already learned a lot reading the posts. I hope to continue to learn even more.


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Welcome, great site, glad you've been reading oosts. Sorry you had to give up some others. Where's your new tegu from?

Galen Tom

New Member
Yeah it does sucks that I had to give up 2-for-1. However, the tamed Banana Pinstripe went to a friend that just lost a Ball Python, literally the same day. Bitter sweet to say the least, but things worked out in the end.

I purchased the Tegu from the Sacramento Reptile Show. I cannot remember the vendor, but he is a regular there that usually sells cages and accessories. However, he had a small stash of lizards and snakes.