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Hello there :)


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Not currently keeping a tegu; but have wanted one for years and made the decision yesterday to bite the bullet and start preparing to own one after visiting a local reptile store and interacting with a lovely male black and white store pet. I have owned a rather sassy bearded dragon for the past 3 years so I do have some reptile experience. Looking to do research prior to purchasing a tegu.

We are planning to build a plywood enclosure that is 8x3x4. Will be asking lots of questions on that as it is my main concern as well as specifics on diet.

The animal I wish to keep is a captive bred black and white male so if anyone has leads on a good priced reputable breeder that would be great.


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Welcome. Glad you're here. Your future tegu will benefit.

Check out Hector's Habitat, Tampa. Ethical, legit.


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Hey! Good to have you - you'll get lots of good info here. Sounds like you want only captive bred, but I love my wild caughts from Rodney at TEGUSONLY. My first purchase was a CB, and it died 3 months later of MBD. Rodney's animals seem very content given some time to adjust. The young ones adjust quickest. His prices are very reasonable, and he responds quickly to inquiries. Gotta love the cause that he works hard at!