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Help with a Golden Tegu


New Member
Hi, I've posted about this before, but require more assistance when it comes to the taming of a baby Golden Tegu. I've had him for about a month now, but he is still terrified of me. He will actively avoid or run away if I so much as just walk into the same room, even when feeding or basking he will immediately stop and run for his hide. I cant even interact with him and do hand training, since every attempt he will just run away and hide. Am I doing something wrong, or is there something more to it I'm missing? I really want him to like me, since I know Tegus can become great companion pets and I want to form a bond with him. Any advice will be appreciated.

Mich lady

Active Member
It takes time and patience. A lot of time and patience. I got my black and white as a juvenile wild caught from Florida. It took months for him to trust me. He is about 3 years old now. Talk to yours gently, be around him as much as possible. Gu's can be very temperamental. They are always wary of fast movements. He will come around. Patience patience patience. One month does not a nice tegu make. My guy is 4 feet long now and is like an aloof cat. He calls the shots when it comes to affection. He will crawl up on my bed with me and want his back scratched. Lol.

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