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Help with injured tree frog!


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Ok, earlier we were sitting on the front porch with some guests and when they got up to leave, I noticed a frog upside down on the step. It's been raining all day to it was nice and wet. I figured it was a toad that one of our cats messed with. Then I took a closer look. The underside of its rear legs are yellow and it has little pads on its toes. I am guessing tree frog, but no clue on which kind.

Anyways, we though he was dead, but after closer inspection, I found he wasn't. But I do think he is injured. To me it looks like he can't move his front legs (they may be broken). His back legs seem to be ok as he can tuck them in close to his body. We had to go away, but before we did, I put him in a small plastic container with a bit of water. I also stuck a chunk of coco bedding in some water to expand.

As of right now, I'm planning on putting him in a 10gal tank and seeing if I can get him to eat some crickets. Any suggestion on what may be wrong with him, what I cna do to help, or if I'm wasting my time?

I'll get pics on later, but any help would be appreciated.



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I would say it's admirable to try to save the little guy/girl. If its front legs aren't functioning it may have a real difficult time eating because they often us their front legs to manipulate food into their mouths. I would try to feed it small easy to handle prey (small soft worms like phoenix worms, wax worms, caterpillars, etc., small crickets-stick them in the fridge to slow them down.) Also, don't let the crickets stay in the enclorure after the frog has had its fill because the crickets may prey on the vulnerable frog! Hopefully it can overcome its injuries or even learn to overcome them with your help. If you place a water source in your terrarium, make sure it's easy to get in and out of and very shallow so the frog doesn't drown should it have any difficulties. Best of luck, we're rooting for you!

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