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Hibernation in tropical zone

ludo b

New Member
5 Year Member
A guy who lives in Reunion island ,next to Madagascar, ask me for tegus care.
He've a project with BW or Red.
I've tell him the Red will probably not ok in a tropical aera like these.
The tÃ?â??Ã?° in the cooler months are high, in the 25Ã?â??Ã?°c min.

So the q? is "is it possible to succesfuly keep BW or Red in these area ?
And for hibernation?

ps : sorry for my poor english.


New Member
5 Year Member
my guess is you could keep them there without problem but probably they would not breed for you since they have no winter so no hibernation. i keep mine year round without hibernation and they do fine but DON'T breed.they don't have to for me,i just enjoy having them around.

if you want to breed them maybe you could set up a refrigirator at the correct temp(i don't know what good hibernating temps are, you should ask bobby ) to give them a hibernation in the cooler temps.

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