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Ok so afew weeks ago my tegu was being moody and lunged at my thou the glass so I put on protection gear and rubber boots and went outside.He then chase me around I then bravely and carefully picked him up and put him in his kennel with some water that he quickly dumped.he then continued to lunge and try to bite at me.So when his seemed like he had cailmed down enough because he was just laying in the kennel.I tryed to let him out he walked out cailmly but once he saw my boot he bit onto it.I used my boot to gently get him back in his kennel.I then went and got and set up a bigger kennel.I transfered him into the bigger kennel with his blanket.Then my dad suggested that he may just be to hot.So I moved his kennel with him in it inside after abit I cheecked on him and he was back to normal.Then after afew days of being inside he was put back outside into his normal cage.He temperment has been ok lately but he has been acting odd.He has been sleeping a ton most days he dosent even get up or move.Also if he dose decise to get up he is only up for 5-10min and very most a hour.He no longer scraches at the door because he is sleeping so much and refuses to eat.He had a hard boiled egg earlyer in the week and a mouse 2-3 days ago.he has been barly eatting at all the last few weeks and isnt drinking much water and dosent really want to be petted.It is the middle of augest in florida what could be wrong with him????
He is normal so sweet and eatting away&dosent get like he is acting now till oct.-november time.His tail is fat and some how so is his belly even thou hes been refuseing to eat.Also I cant keep feeding him mice beacuse I have very few feeders left and cant feed off my breeding stock thats refused to breed in the hot waeather.

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