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So, this tegu is going to be the first herp I've kept that hibernates.. Get used to me asking questions about every little thing until I get at least 1 winter under my belt :-D . Up until 2 days ago Boon has had a pretty crazy appetite. He didn't eat anything yesterday or today. He's also started digging alot more and sleeping down in the mulch(before he was sleeping in his hides). Is my little boy getting himself ready for hibernation already or do I need to start looking into other causes for his loss of appetite and new digging fetish?

As to feeding, before 2 days ago Boon had the routine down pretty good. When i'd reach in to move him for feeding he wouldn't run/squirm/struggle in the least - he was hungry and knew this was me moving him for food. Later in the same days when he's got a full stomach if I tried to reach in he'd bolt :-D. He's done the evasive action thing on my last 2 days, which I'm guessing means he just doesn't want any food. Today I even left a bit of turkey in his enclosure and even though he was sunning as usual, crapping as usual, and digging(new fetish) he left the food untouched.

Alright, sorry for the long post, but like I said.. my first hibernating herb and I want to make sure I get it right the first time.


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