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Humidity and shed question, possible hibernation,


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This is my first Tegu so i want to do everything right. Besides I am o.c about my animals care.
My tegu has not come up for 2 days now. I have only had him for a week or so.
His diet is ground turkey w/ cod liver oil, grapes, superworms, crickets, pinks.
My light is on a timer so it's 12 on and 12 off. Temps are 100-105 on the basking spot to 80 on the cool side.
Friday he ate some turkey and grapes, eliminated a bunch on the bathroom floor then had a warm soak. It was longer than usual because he's shedding his tail and he fell asleep in the plastic tub. The water slightly cooled so i woke him up and he walked onto my hand and I put him in his tank. He went under right away.
My questions are;
What is the ideal humidity for hibernating?
I apologize if I missed it in my searches.
Should I check on him since his tail hasn't shed all the way?
Could he just be full since he ate like a pig?
Did the water cooling deal tell him it was time to sleep?
I don't know the temperature of the water but the room temp in the bathroom was 76, I had my temp gun to make sure the floor wasn't too cold for him.
I should have checked the water temp.


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HI. sounds like you are doing just fine. mine always goes to sleep in the water.
humidity around 65 % and if the shed does not come off his tail put some lotion on it. sun light is important. and the proper uv lamps. how big is your tegu. send some pictures if you can.


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Thank you so much for responding!
He woke up yesterday for a little while then went back down. He came up today and ate 6 pinkys and a turkey meatball though. Maybe he was just full.
I hope I do everything right! :-D
A tegus motivation in life is to wake up, go poop, warm up, eat, possibly make little degus, and go to bed! How he interacts with you during all that is entirely up to you temperature is everything! Keep it smart, keep it simple.