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Husbands tegus feet have me worried!


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Hey there! So my husband got a gold tegu a while back and she’s about 8 months old. When we got her her feet were in bad shape and we managed to get them healed and looking good again after a couple a weeks of getting her… we’ll I was doing some feeding rounds this morning on all critters in the home and noticed her feet were bad again… mind you I don’t normally mess with her (she’s my husbands and doesn’t like me). They have me really worried and I don’t know if it’s from old shed he missed when or if it’s her substrate or if she injured her self somehow. They looked cracked and possibly had bled a little but just her feet the rest of her is in great health no infection from what I can tell. I’m new to the whole tegu world… I’m a chameleon kinda gal and I just want to help my husbands critter!


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some Tegus do struggle with stuck shed especially on feet and tail.... try extra soaks and a damp hide to sleep in.

if you can hold try some 100% coconut oil too before bed, but remember this is an oil and can burn under basking

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