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Hey so I just got a savannah monitor two days ago from a reptile show this is only my second time have one ànd I did not get to have my last one long it was already a full adult and was fine and easy to help at first then started biting and I was going throw a divorce and did not have time so I had to sell all my reptiles now I'm getting back into them but anyways this one acts odd when I try to put it back down after holding him he will back up into my hand and arm farther and wrap his tail around my arm and it takes some work to get him to let me put him down I'm trying to build a relationship with him so don't want to upset him but I of course have to put him back down I his cage is he just scared I'm going to drop him or does anyone have any reason why he would hold on like this every time I even act like I'm going to put him down

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