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Leash training?/Sexing


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So bit of a two part question for those that know better than me; I've had Fluffy for about a month and a half maybe. He's (I think he) still a young B&W tegu, under 2ft in length still I'd say. I already love him to death, hes my little buddy and I couldn't have asked for a better pet or baby! He's shed twice now since I've had him and he's as curious as any animal I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I was curious though how and when age wise I should begin to try leash training with my buddy, i figured starting early was good but wanted to get info first hand info and experienced advice. He takes to handling quite well and aside from when shedding has shown no signs of fear towards me or aggression. Most days he sits on his basking rock to wait for me to open the door and once I do he casually walks over and onto my hand and up my arm to begin his 'exploring time'. Like i mentioned he loves to explore and when hes bored or wants to go somewhere else or back home he just crawls up my arm and onto my shoulders until i take him somewhere new; I've recently started the process of "tegu proofing" the biggest room in the house so he can explore more openly without me right on his heels and thought maybe now would be a good time to begin leash training, any thoughts? Also, is he too young to tell his gender yet? I've tried to peek under the base of his tail before and he generally doesn't like it He doesn't whip at me or anything but tries to move away from my touch when getting near that area. Any advice?


He/She might be a bit too young to tell at the moment. But one way to possibly tell, is to just take a moment to watch him poop. Some males will let out their heimepenis while pooping before drawing them back in. Though this might not help if he still too young


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Leach training .... He/she sounds calm enough to start right away..... Take things slow get them used to putting it on and just exploring by them selves, then with a little guidance from you holding it indoors and then once you are certain progress to outside if you're sure

as for sexing if you get a good pic someone on here will give you a pretty good guesstamation


I'm thinking sooner rather than later for leash training, especially if he's feeling cooperative right now as the bigger a tegu gets the easier it is for them to say "no."

Rex is getting close to three feet long and when he struggles, especially doing a death roll, there's no fighting with him without one of us - ie/me - getting hurt.

So if your tegu is playing nice then yeah, get him used to you putting him into a harness and him wearing it.

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