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lighting ?


Being limited on what i have around here as far as lights for my rhino, i am trying to make due . i have three bulbs in his basking area trying to get it as close to 150 Micro watts( Sunlight at noon ) as i can . The Exo terra @ 12 '' is around 100-110 M.W. , the Zoo Med 10.0 Compact is around 30 M.W.@12'' and the 10.0 Exo terra 24'' tube ( all they had here in town ) is only around 20 Micro watts @ 12'' . am i wrong with my way of thinking . I ordered and received a Megaray bulb yesterday , BUT it will not light so i need to send it back ( thats why i hate buying lights on line ) so i bought the 10.0 tube last night to make due until i get something else . At 12'' the temps are perfect so moving everything closer will not work . My rhino seems happier and he has been up all day for once .

Can i combine lights to get as close to natural light ( 150 Micro watts ) as possible ? Am i missing something ? better too ask a dumb ? then kill or harm my Rhino . I want to get a meter to check the lights for myself as soon as i can $$$$ .

Thanks !!!


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