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Mazuri Insectivore Diet


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Features and Benefits
  • Designed to be complete and balanced for insectivores- No supplementation necessary.
  • Highly fortified - May be fed with fruits, greens, etc.
  • Contains fish oil - Rich source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Contains lecithin – Rich source of phospholipids.
  • Contains high fiber - Helps simulate the chitin component of the insectivore’s diet.
  • Contains pigments - For healthy feather pigmentation.
  • Contains taurine - At levels that meet recommendations for carnivores.
  • Highly palatable.
Product Form: Extruded size: 1/8” round particle.

Product Size: 3 lb. paper sack.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude protein not less than 28%
Crude fat not less than 11.0%
Crude fiber not more than 13.0%
This diet comes in two forms: a small pellet and a gel.

I found that many of my lizards were not crazy about the eating the small, brown pellet by itself. However, they did eat this diet when it was mixed with other ingredients. I found it to be a good mix-in with veggies for bearded dragons or BTS, and ground turkey or egg for tegus.

It was hard to find a good balance for the mixing directions at first. The directions indicate a mixture ratio by weight. I ended mixing approximately 1 part powder to 2 parts water. The end product is a fibrous gel. It was easy to form, cut, and feed to my lizards, frogs, axolotl, and box turtles.

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