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My 3year old tegu journey begins (Help)


New Member
Hi there, my name is Josh. My tegus name is Teddy beamed by previous owner

So the reptile shop I have I got my tegu from told me that he thinks hands are food, so whenever my hands around, he is automatically wanting to eat them and if I hold my hand in front of him still without moving he just charges for my hand as he thinks they are food I know I need to train him not to think hands are good but I don’t know the best way todo so,

I’m not to to big reptiles as I have had iguanas before and I’m in the uk but this is my very first tegu

I have fed him two large weaner rats today with metal tongs so I don’t get a bite and before I fed him I tapped the basking spot to get his attention

He has been in the enclosure for 1 week and 2 days I havnt tried to pick him up yet as i would like to tame him down abit first and I don’t want to get bit or have him getting hurt as I know there very intelligent

I’m currently sat next to his viv with his glass door open while I’m writing this and he is on his basking spot watching me and flicking his tongue


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I use a mix of ground chicken breast and mazuri carnivore kibble plus herbivore kibble. I put a big plate in front of them and while they are eating I pet them and make sure they see my hands while eating the food. Other than that just keep up target training. I use tongs and click them a bunch of times and in about a week my tegus were coming to it. Also try picking him up from behind and sit next to him on the floor. If you know iguanas then you should be pretty observant. Look for him paying close attention to things as that usually is precursor to a test bite. I might even use heavy gloves and just take a few for the team.just pay attention and keep petting and talking to him until he learns the difference. Also watch for mites and bugs in the substrate, because they sometimes eat it when after the bugs, cypress mulch is sometimes loaded with mites. anyway, any other queations? I have a lot of tegu experience and always like to share.


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Here are my tips:
1. target train - get a target training stick and show him the stick before feeding and only when feeding so he associates it with feeding time.
2. Get your hands in the enclosure as much as possible when NOT feeding him. Play in the substrate, move the decor, but don't touch him yet.
3. Make sure you have no food scent on your hands.
4. Try feeding ONLY outside of the enclosure.
5. They usually wiggle their tail when their agitated, so keep an eye out for that. It looks a bit like a snake slithering.

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