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New Moderator???

Yvonne G

5 Year Member
Clovis, CA
Hi all:

I just wanted to introduce myself, then ask you all a question:

I'm a moderator on the Tortoise Forum, and Josh asked if I would come here to this forum and help clear the influx of spammers. I don't know anything about tegus or lizards in general, my only function here is to help you with posting stuff and make sure the spammers get kicked off. Because I don't know anything about lizards, I only visit here once a day, first thing in the morning.

I've notice that for the past couple weeks we've been getting posts in a foreign language. This is a new kind of spammer that has discovered our nice forum.

I'm wondering if appointing a moderator who knows more about tegus, and who is on the forum more often than once in the morning would be helpful to you all. I hate it that those big foreign posts sit here all day until I get here the next day to remove them.

Can any of you think of a member who would make a good moderator here? Someone who seems to have some tegu knowledge and who visits here often?


New Member
I am new to the Tegu world but in the future I would be interested as I am online all day most days. I am easy to get ahold of and I can handle the influx if reported. Until then thank you for letting me be here.

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