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Random aggression


New Member
So I've had my guy for 3 months now (he is 6-7 months old). He has a big box enclosure and whenever I'm home he is allowed to free roam in the living room. He usually will come out and hang out in a basking spot I've set up for him, and sometimes he'll make his way to the couch to see me. Usually he is sweet, but lately there have been times where he'll come up and act all bitey. I don't want to be bitten and I don't want him to think I'm scared of him so I'll usually just take the edge of whatever blanket I'm under and toss it over his head when he's acting mischievous (he LOVES being under blankets). Usually he'll bite onto it after a second and thrash around some. I'm wondering if this is hunger related, because he only really acts that way an hour or more after feeding (I feed him outside of his enclosure with tongs, using a clicker to signal dinnertime). Any ideas why he's seeking me out to lunge and bite at me? And what should I do to calm his behavior?

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