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Is there something I should be doing while my lizard is shedding? It is its first shed with me and I’ve had it since May 1st. I got it as a youngster maybe about 10 inches at most. Should I be soaking longer? Humidity levels are good staying at roughly around mid to high 80s throughout the day, never dropping below low 70s during the night. He seems to be doing well but is there anything I can aid in when he’s going through this process?


If you're not having any issues, don't fix what ain't broke. There are a few things you can do if your gu isn't having clean sheds - update us if that happens
my tegus love when I help them with their shed it's like a bonding thing. And I've noticed it helps them realize your not going to hurt them but only when it's actually ready to come off


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Do or don't bath but misting really helps. You don't really have to do anything.
I agree with WTactical...you shouldn't have to do anything, this is natural, and can happen up to once a month while they're going through their growth spurts. But...we have them in captivity, and the mistakes, or learning curve we have as owners can affect the outcome of a shed. What I've seen during the shedding process is that they are definitely cranky, and they love a good heavy rock to rub on so they can get the excess skin off of their bodies and especially their face.