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Tame time


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Hello all .
I wonder if anyone can tell me roughly how long it takes to tame a tegu. I have just purchased my 1st tegu approximately 6 months old .She ( we think its a she,from a pet shop in the uk .She was only handled on heath check days once a week. I've had her x 2 weeks. She's not aggressive but will move if I go to pick her up i only pick her up under her belly and not from above ...She's will come out of her cage walk around but stays away ..If I go to pick her up she will hiss make herself as big as possible but she dose tolerate it. But trying to get down as quickly as possible.Part of wanting to own one of these magnificent creatures is their puppy like loyalty..But she just want her own space .I know she's a baby and thinks everyone want to eat her .I've done the t-shirt .I'm currently sat in a room being as quite as I can and letting her do her own thing.She has just walked past me for the first time ..I can stroke her I know it takes patience but is thst patience months years .I have waited years to get one as I did want to rush it ..So is there a time line ..Cheers Glen


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Welcome to the forum! It will take many months for her to calm down a bit. Be patient. Time is on your side. Babies are always skittish. Even beardie babies are! Pay attention to her and give her space when she isn't having it. Be patient patient patient.


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Hi Josh .
Thanks for the advice..I'm lucky that I can stroke her pet her and even pick her up without a whip or a bite .I think because I've have been waiting years to get a tegu I'm now being alittle impatient..I spend hours with her as I work from home and i supposed hoping she would be settled by now ..Hopefully she'll be a little more chilled soon ..I think I've been watching to many MacGyver you tube videos ..Cheers Glen

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