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Tegu brumating?


New Member
I have a Tegu over 3 years old we adopted in January. He use to be a great eater, lately he barely eats. 2 mice and 1 quail egg in 3 weeks. (He refuses my “meatballs-turkey, fruits and veggies; meal worms, and everything else.) He was also soaking nightly in his soak area during this time.

Today we noticed that he is in his hide and has completely closed off the entrance with dirt. Is this a sign he is going into brumation? I haven’t had him long enough to know if he is or if he’s just rearranging the substrate in his hide.

Also, if brumation, do I still keep all the UVB/basking lights on or should I just keep his night ceramic light on all the time? Any other advice??

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