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Tegu communicating with me!

king of tegus

New Member
I have a female red; shes going to be 2 yrs old in august. I cannot believe what is going on with her- Ive noticed that red tegus bob their heads and 'pancake' their hands when happy; also have 'mini tongue flicks'(only about 3/4 of an inch ) when they are happy. THIS one I have is doing something unreal to me. When I lie down with her she has learned to come up to me (warmth) and nuzzle under my armpit/ neck area. She then starts a series of mini "huffs" which she does UNTIL I start petting/ rubbing the top of her head. When I stop; she starts the mini huffs again- telling me she wants more "rubbies" . Its going on for a while now- and its inescapable. Shes does NOT get mad at me; she doesnt try to evade the rubs- but makes 1/4 second 'huffs" -maybe 4 in a row- until she gets her head rubbed. Im in awe that a lizard could communicate to me on a level of her satisfaction. She also seems to like when I gently rub her eyes and the side of her mouth; front to back. When I stop- she starts mini-huffing again!!! A.N.Y.O.N.E. else ever had this happen??? Im so enthralled by this- it warms my heart!

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