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Tips for a rather unique situation


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( new here bear with me please. Hello Tegu lovers) So I have a Black and White who's less than a year old his name is Zhongli. He and I have had quite a rocky road due to lots of circumstances. Some of which resulted in me lowering his trust in me. Cause I messed up and spooked him a couple times when he was really little. Then there was a time he was staying at a relative's place for a month and then after that he sorta had to readjust to me twice. A few months later he and I moved to a new state via train when I moved with a friend. He had to get a new tank and stuff. I target trained him for food to make him less bitey. He never really bit out of defense only food motivated ones. after a while I would handle him often and take him into the bathtub as I've heard to do. To get him used to my presence at the time he was never super fond of being touched but he's gotten more tolerant little by little. Sometimes he will hiss. Current status he has no tank, he roams my new room as I just moved recently. He's settled in nicely.aside from being startled every time the Door opens, I have a good basking spot for him and I maintain it quite hot in the room and he doesn't seem to be bothered. He still eats fine. However lately he's been rather aggressive and I'm not sure why. He threatens to bite sometimes and sometimes even jumps toward me. Not really sure where it's coming from. In the past whenever there were times where he should've bit me. He never would but now he's clearly threatening.


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