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Toe Biting Tegu


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Hi everyone, I have a young tegu who is pretty tame compared to some I’ve seen online, he’s around 2 years old and I’ve been letting him free roam in my room or bathroom under supervision. Lately he’s been trying to nip my toes and finally bit my big toe. He didn’t roll or anything, it wasn’t crazy although he drew a little blood. How do I get him to not take interest in my toes? I have house slippers I wear but I feel like he thinks my toe is a mouse or something. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m able to pick him up and pet him and stuff, but he takes interest in my feet. I feel it’s partially my fault because when he gets close to them I take them away out of reflex when his tongue flicks fast (that’s how I tell he’s going to bite something). Overall he’s pretty tame and when feeding I do so until he is full but it’s been recent he’s taken interest in both mine and my bfs feet. We try letting him free roam so he’s comfortable with people walking around him. Hes pretty chill for the most part and explores and looks around but I would like to break him from this bad habit he started forming especially before he gets bigger. I’m unsure if it’s hormones or not or if I should just feed him more. We feed him food in his own food dish separately from where we let him hang out. Any information would be appreciated!


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I don’t know if it will help you but we have a tegu that was the same way what I did every time she went for my toes I just lightly stuck my foot on her it always offended her and she eventually just stopped trying to go for my toes

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