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Urate question


New Member
Hello all,

My 2 year old female blue tegu is having some off colored urates.They started off a greying color and now theres abit of what looks like blood in them. The latest (pic attached) smelled like she also defecated.
She has also been peeing a lot more frequently but they're very small almost like she has a UTI or something is irritated.

She's active and not lethargic (running around out of cage, digging and "rearranging" her cage decorations)
She's basking (105-122f with 76-82f ambient temps)
Drinking (water changes every 3 days)
Humidity in the tank stays in the high 80s-90s

She hasn't eaten in over a week now however. She doesn't seem real interested in food. I've tried reptilnks, mice (all time fave), ground turkey balls with veggies, many types of fruits she likes. She typically wanted every other day or every 3rd day depending.

Any help would be appreciated! Her behaviors aren't worrisome outside of her eating. I scheduled a vet visit but it's weeks out and an emergency vet when she's not showing other symptoms does not seem like the way to go at this time.

Thank you all again!


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