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Warning: Tegu Nation Review


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Aaron, the owner of @Tegunation, called me at my store one night needing an incubator. His tegu had just laid eggs at 7pm at night. He was without deli cups, vermiculite, he was in a real bind. I told him don't sweat it, just bring the eggs asap so they don't spoil and I'll get you set up. My incubator was already running and I had all the supplies. When he arrived, after we closed, I let him in and we got his eggs taken care of. I didn't charge him a dime but we agreed that he'd put my female Argentine with his male for a week.
A few weeks passed with Aaron's eggs in my incubator while he got his set up. When he was ready, he picked them up. Again I charged him NOTHING out of good faith. My female was still waking up from hibernation so I said I'd be in touch in a week or two when she was ready to pair .
Now that my female is ready and Aaron has his eggs he's nowhere to be found. He doesn't reply to my messages. He doesn't acknowledge acknowledge that I helped him for free and that he's backing out on his end of the deal we both verbally agreed on.
This is NOT someone I'd trust or ever do business with again. Buyer beware!

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