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what is LTC?


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I was reading about tree monitors for sale and they kept saying they are very LTC, anyone know what this means? All i could think of was long term care but that wouldnt make sense the way they used it in a sentence.


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It stands for "Long term captive", kind of like how CB stands for "Captive born" and WC stands for "Wild Caught".


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They are WC, but have been in captivity for quite some time. Meaning they are established and not a fresh import.


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Shadowgamer21 said:
so are they using that term because they dont know if they were WC or CB?
WC,pretty much everything James.W said. When buying reptiles its important to learn things like LTC so you can know exactly what your buying. Also with LTC like James.w said,they are wild caught and have been captive for sometime,which basically means to the buyer "WC but is eating and doing we'll,and has been captive for quite sometime so if there was any health issues to arise it would if happen over the time the seller had it" Thats about all there is to it in a nut shell.

CB - Captive Bred or Captive Born
CBB - Captive bred and born
CH - Captive hatched
WC - Wild caught
LTC - Long term captive
FI - Fresh import