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What type of Tegu is this?


New Member
I bought this Tegu three weeks ago at a reptile show, the seller did not know what kind it was and it was kept inside a large plastic container under the table he was selling from. The gender is female, I am wondering what type of Tegu this is? Age is 1 year supposedly.


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Hopefully this is a good picture of her head. I thought she looked like a golden too.. Still so unsure though


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Definitely a black and white. If he has an orange to orangish belly...wild caught florida. The burnt look on the nose makes me wonder if it might be a blue mix though. But definitely argentine black and white


definitely not a golden I've added a photo of a golden Tegu. Markings and colors are total wrong along with the scales between the nostril hole and the eye. its a B/W Tegu
Tegu, its a B/W tegu