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Young Tegus 1st Hibernation


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Hello folks! I have been reading a few of the post regarding hibernation.Having said that I feel good about my young female.Her name is Lucy.I bought her in Sept oif this year at the sacramento reptile show.She is now about 3 months old and roughly a foot long.She ate good the 1st few weeks when I got her.Pinkys and scrambled eggs.In the last month she shows the signs of hibernating and not eating at all.Her temps are mid to high 80's in the day and 70ish at night.She may be out for a few hours a day.Sometimes I don't see her for a few days.
My question is this..Is her not eating at all and still staying somewhat visable normal for this semi hibernating time?And is proper hibernating a constant sleep till spring?? any info will be great...Axe

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