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Recent content by mrplatnium

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    3 yr old Red Tegu.

    I own a 3 yr old named Gary he is quite the character. The problem is that i cannot not take care of him much longer. He is an excellent eater and has a great red coloration. I live in Queens in NYC and it is hard to find a suitable owner for my Gary boy. I am asking 250$, and I would rather not...
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    Greetings from New York!

    I live in Queens NY and my red tegu has his own room too himself and counld not be happier....
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    New Red Female.

    Awesome Color....nice teg
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    My Tegu Will Not Eat!!!!!

    Well i took my tegu to the vet and she did not really know much about them. She gave me some carnivore diet and i have to feed my tegu through a syringe. He doesnt really like it but he takes it down. The vet also took a blood sample and gave him some fluid for dehydration. She also commented...
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    My Tegu Will Not Eat!!!!!

    I dont know whats wrong with my red tegu. About two weeks ago he started eating less, and about a week ago he completly stopped eating. I dont know what's wrong. He used to wanna eat almost everyday and now nothing. He is losing weight rapidly and he used to be healthy and fat. I always give him...
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    White Plains NY expo

    haha...good point.
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    White Plains NY expo

    I always go to the New York expos, and i bought my red tegu from some guy named Scott Crowe. I mean it was perfectly healty and all and still is. Ive had him for more than a year and never had a problem. Im not telling you what to do though. I dont know if i could get a tegu shipped to me...
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    Where are you from?

    Queens, NY
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    New free tegu contest!!

    When do we have till to put up these pics. I cant get them up tonight.
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    My Red Tegu

    This is my Red Tegu, I call him King. Hes probably 5 months old because i got him when he was about a month old and that was in April. He eats like a beast, and has an alright temperament. He has never bit me or anything, but does the occasional tailwhip. I built a cage for him and he will soon...
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    Pictures of my new Baby!

    Nice tegu.....and hell yeah to that Despised Icon shirt
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    Lucky (Pics!) UPDATE

    good looking tegu.....boy or girl?
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    Decided to get the red

    Good job.....he looks like a happy tegu.
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    Occupation thread??

    Im a student in Queens college in NYC....and school really really sucksss......
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    Update on my giant tegu(very heavy pic (not jokeing )

    nice tegu....i like how he chills with you on the couch.