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  1. Vetboi88

    Post your enclosures

    do you use red lights. on yours to keep temps in the enclosure james?
  2. Vetboi88

    Post your enclosures

    what lights also do you guys use, to raise daytime heat. any affordable suggestions?
  3. Vetboi88

    Post your enclosures

    yea I have had him since early april. He has clean water. his air temp ranges between maybe 78 -80 and basking maybe up to 105 depending on the day and whether AC in house is on. I have humidity up. I was thinking of raising the ambient temps up to about 90 is during the day 120 ish on the hot...
  4. Vetboi88

    Post your enclosures

    hey guys thanks for all the ideas. I do have another question for yall. Im worried cause my little buddy has been hiding away ALOT. he has gone off food and will barely come out of hiding. I am worried. it seems too early for broomination. what sould I do. im worried about my guy. he has barely...
  5. Vetboi88

    Overweight Tegus, the hows, the risks and how to avoid it.

    hello all. I have a new baby red. i may have asked about them once or twice. but anyway my little man since I received him has been getting ground turkey, gizzards, talpia and salmon rolled into a meat ball. he usually chows it down really well however the past few days I have noticed he has not...
  6. Vetboi88

    Post your enclosures

    Hey fellow herpers, I am wondering if my enclosure is adequate. Im using lots of moss and cypress mulch and coco husk. it stays humid but ive noticed little gnats finding their way into the enclosures. i put lots of moss to give burrowing substrate. should i decrease the moss and place little...
  7. Vetboi88

    Taking him out

    Ill jump on here and ask a similar question. I have been taking my gu out when i see him out. which daily i can catch em up around 3 pm -5 pm ish. initially it is a fight. i get him out he whips, flips and shits all over me. then after about five minutes of fighting he chills. i tried the...
  8. Vetboi88

    hello debita, Have you ever taken a bite from these guys. im hoping i can get this guy to a...

    hello debita, Have you ever taken a bite from these guys. im hoping i can get this guy to a trustworthy disposition. I have a red thats a baby and im trying to put time with him. the one i have is wild caught so im a little worried.
  9. Vetboi88

    Taming Help

    Hello all, I recently acquired a BW tegu. Im not sure the origin, the tegu i think is wild caught and super flighty. what are some recommmendations you all would have for taming?any tricks and techniques? would you give them hides and all when trying to tame down? should I use feeding as...
  10. Vetboi88

    Malnourished Chacoan White head

    thats very true!!!
  11. Vetboi88

    Malnourished Chacoan White head

    no chance or making healthy again huh?
  12. Vetboi88

    Malnourished Chacoan White head

    Hey folks, Question, I met someone who wishes to rehome their chacoan whitehead. the chacoan is 3 years old but definitely about the size of my 6 -8 month old colombian or smaller. she doesnt have the weight on the animal. I am concerned the animal is severly underfed, the entire life of the...
  13. Vetboi88

    Hello all, Im randy

    Debita, thats awesome i Have a young red, so BW comparison is great.. im just trying to gauge how fast these guys will grow. especially the red since he is so tiny and easy to loose RN
  14. Vetboi88

    Cleaner beetles

    will it harm or stress the lizards?
  15. Vetboi88

    hey i see you have either an argentine or red in your picture, how big was the yonging when you...

    hey i see you have either an argentine or red in your picture, how big was the yonging when you got it?