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black and white tegu

  1. N

    Hows my tegus diet?

    Hello I'm brand new to this forum and also a brand new black and white tegu owner. I wanted to get opinions on the diet I'm giving my new tegu. Currently I'm chopping up: Kale Collard greens Asparagus Radish Apples, strawberries, bananas, raspberries and a few other fruits 1 at a time not all...
  2. L

    weighted blanket for tegu

    Hi I have a 2 year old tegu who weighs 13.5 pounds. She always crawls under my queen size mattress and it looks like it crushes her, but every time I move her out from under the mattress and sit on the bed so she can't crawl under it, she claws and scratches the side of the mattress trying to...
  3. S

    My Tegu has NO Tongue

    I bought my 1 year old tegu at an expo in august and noticed she wasn't flicking her tongue. She eats just fine, so we figured we just were never seeing her flick it. But today, it was really bugging me while she was out exploring, so we opened her mouth and can't see a tongue!! Has anyone...
  4. Zach Johnson

    Argentine B&W Tegu for sale

    I have had my tegu for just over two years and being that I’m going to be going off to college soon I can’t bring her. I am asking 400 for her, her grow tent and supplies. I’m located in Bloomington Minnesota. Thanks
  5. My snugglebear Fafnir

    My snugglebear Fafnir

    I got Fafnir back in January from Tegusonly/ Rodney, and he's been honestly the biggest sweetie from the second he arrived. Snuggled with me straight out of the shipping box, and has stayed affectionate since. Super recommend Rodney for beautiful animals like him!!
  6. WaterRaven

    Great Reptile Vid by Clint's Reptiles

    And it features Gus-Gus the Black and White Argentine Tegu! And lots of other reptiles but it's so nice to see a Youtube channel focusing on education and not "I got another pet" and "I bought costumes for my pets." Here's Clint's video on Black and White Argentine tegus: (featuring...
  7. E

    Tail shedding tips?

    Hi. I just want to ask. Is it normal if a tegu that is 4 years old shed seldomly, like only for every 2 months? I sometime ls get worried since the tail always take some time to shed..last time it took nearly 3 months for the tail to shed completely. I always getting worried that the old skin...
  8. E

    Still not eating

    Hi. I just want to ask again for help. My tegu hasn't eat anything for a week. The last food she has eaten since a week ago are two mices. For the last 3 months she wont eat anything beside mice that i give her every once a week. I tried to starve her so she will accept another food. Two days...