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  1. R

    Wild caught fish? and other Dietary Discussion

    Hello everyone. I've had my tegu for a little over a month now. he's a sub-adult, about 20 inches long including tail. He's very fun! I'm been primarily feeding him Egg (hardboiled with shell), Bananas, Discoid roaches, nightcrawlers, hornworms, and superworms. I've been looking to expand his...
  2. E

    Help: need help for making my tegu eat fruit..

    Hello. Can I ask for some tips again about my tegu? Currently I own one tegu that I have kept for 6,5 years and is 7 years old biologically I think. The sex is unknown but some people in here said it is probably a male from the jowl even though it is very small for its age I think (97 or 98-ish...
  3. R

    Opinions on best feeder insects for tegus?

    So what are everyone's opinions on the best options for feeder insects? I wouldn't mind hearing what everyone's diet is for their tegus young or old and recommendations are fine as well I'd love to hear those as well. So far I have a hearty cricket colony and mealworms and a dwindling supply of...
  4. R

    New juvenile tegu , out of control

    So I just got a brand new juvenile Argentine black and white. They said he was captive bred and "skittish", but when he shows up he's completely out of control ( attempted biting, flailing, running ) and his stomach was sunken in, he looked like he hadn't eaten in a while. Eventually I calmed...
  5. K

    Tegu Food Question

    Hello everyone, new to this forum and new to Tegus. Just got my first Tegu not to long ago and I want to make her some homemade food. I have a couple questions; 1 - Is deer sausage ok to use? (this wont be a staple I just have some left over that I am trying to get rid of) 2 - Is crushed up egg...
  6. Kuamata

    Caiman Lizard Inquiry

    Heya! So all the supplies for my starter Caiman Lizard tank is slowly trickling in. I'm a few months off from actually purchasing said caiman lizard, as I'm going bioactive and will need a little bit for everything to begin cycling, but I had a dietary question. I'm stockpiling food for the...
  7. Henry

    Tegu Eating Charcoal

    My Argentine Black and White tegu has been eating charcoal recently. He use to eat clay hydro balls before I moved him to a new enclosure with a deeper substrate.Now hes eating the charcoal in the substrate. I know that he does this intentionally and I've been assuming that it helps him...
  8. W

    Sticking to one Food

    Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful day! :) I had recently gotten my B&W tegu from a shop up in LA (I got him on the 3rd of october). The storekeeper there told me that he’d gotten him in July so my tegu is about about a few months old right now. He’s been doing great since...
  9. Ash_fable

    How Often Should I Feed My Tegu

    I would like to know how often I should feed my tegu. I've been reading on here that you should feed them every day. But if they're fed daily, how do they not get overweight? Obesity is a real problem for these lizards. Even with the proper basking spot (120) and humidity (60-70), I think a...
  10. Leezard

    Melanistic lacerta

    heyo, does anyone have some ideas of food for our lacerta. He likes super worms and roaches and pinkies but seems to want more variety. Any help would be great!
  11. Leezard

    Anyone know anything solid about melanistic (or jeweled) lacertas?

    My boyfriend got a melanistic from a local pet shop because honestly the people there knew less than us, so we researched and found as much as we could and for a while he was eating and pooping steadily, no problems. Recently he's been less inclined to eat or he'll only eat a small bit. He licks...