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  1. L

    Several questions because I love him!

    Hello everyone! I bought my B&W Tegu from Rexpo in Rochester, NY in November. He was probably, from nose to tail, about 1 foot in length. He is now about 2. I am wondering if he's about 1 year old? When I brought him home, he buried into his nice damp substrate and didn't come out for WEEKS...
  2. M

    New Tegu Owner (Help requested)

    So I am an idiot and bought a tegu at the local exotic pet store without thinking too much beforehand. I know I have the patience and capability to raise him but I need help if possible, I don't know how old my tegu is or how healthy it is. Length is approx 20inches, haven't gotten to measure. I...
  3. R

    Force handling?

    Hello, I'd like some advice on force handing my juvenile tegu. He's about 22 inches long including tail. his body is about 7 inches. I have to take him to the vet to get tagged, but we've had him for less than a month, and he still is very bite-y, and doesn't like to be touched at all, let alone...
  4. D

    New Tegu Issues

    Hi all! After 10+ years of dreaming of owning one of these incredible reptiles I was finally able to get one! I have read dozens of pages, care sheets and forums but seems like this is the place to get the correct answers. So when I bought my baby home (apparently born in march) he went...
  5. Djatawsome

    New Baby Red Tegu

    I recently bought a baby Argentine red tegu at the Tinley Park Narbc reptile expo. I have another tegu but raised her from a yearling, so I don't quite understand the intricacies of hatchlings quite yet. I have my baby setup in a 75 gallon acrylic tank for growing. I've had him for only 4 days I...
  6. Michael Allegrini

    Moved and now my Tegu is really aggressive

    So I got Fat Mike (named after the lead singer of NOFX) at like 13 inches on October tenth. He's now a little over two feet. We just recently moved across town and ever since he's been crazy aggressive. He does the snake tail thing and now lunges at my hands. Before he was a little skittish but...