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Several questions because I love him!


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Hello everyone!

I bought my B&W Tegu from Rexpo in Rochester, NY in November. He was probably, from nose to tail, about 1 foot in length. He is now about 2. I am wondering if he's about 1 year old?

When I brought him home, he buried into his nice damp substrate and didn't come out for WEEKS. Everything I looked up stated he was Brumating, especially for that time of year. He eventually woke up, coming out and eating. But I did have to "force" him out of his den once to make sure he pooped and didn't rot in his belly. But he woke up after that and ate like a MONSTER! He's now doubled in size, and I build him a new enclosure.

My main concern is, I know at this age (what age I THINK he is) he may be going through those "Cranky Teens" I've read about. He is not very happy to be handled... he tried to scurry away and will eventually roll. He is totally fine if I just pet him, but he does not like being picked up :( I work hard to do all "the things" to earn his trust. I am near his cage a lot talking to him, I don't dig him up out of his den, I pet him while he eats, and I let him walk around the room (but this is when he is MOST agitated because I will try to catch him to put him back and he gets really upset/scared...

Anyway, I am wondering if he may be shocked/scared as he is in his new enclosure for 2 days now, and I NEVER see him. He'd gotten used to his old enclosure, and would come out every morning when I turned his basking light on to sit in it and I'd talk to him and feed him... he knew the routine. Now I feel sad because I feel like he's all confused/messed up. :( I assume and hope he will come out again, get used to this enclosure, and "visit" with me again daily?? He doesn't even come out to eat right now :( He hides in his nice deep moist substrate bin all day. I did pull him out today to show him where the warmth is now; he crawled onto his rock, but then when I came back he was gone again.


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