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  1. J

    Nose injury

    Hello, I'm new to keeping tegus but i have my girl for about year and a half now. We moved recently and i haven't let her free roam while there was a lot of going on, so she wasn't used to roaming our new flat. Today i let her out and she was very explorative, and when i put her back in her...
  2. L

    Several questions because I love him!

    Hello everyone! I bought my B&W Tegu from Rexpo in Rochester, NY in November. He was probably, from nose to tail, about 1 foot in length. He is now about 2. I am wondering if he's about 1 year old? When I brought him home, he buried into his nice damp substrate and didn't come out for WEEKS...
  3. B

    New tegu owner housing/heat concern

    Hi everyone, first post here. Just got my first tegu on Tuesday, been burrowed pretty much since then that concerned me but reading it’s pretty normal. I got him a Mercury vapor 160watt bulb for him in a 55 gallon tank and I have concerns about the basking temp. The stone under the lamp is only...
  4. L

    8x4x4 enclosure ideas? wood preferred. diy stuff

    Just got my red tegu today. He is a year old and I have realized a resounding how big hes going to get. So I wanted to have a cage that I can put in my enclosure. Anyone has plans for a tegu enclosure? Looking for stuff with like bracing for extra sturdiness. Wanting to know how to seal the...
  5. K

    DIY Enclosure questions

    My little guy is still a baby (not sure how old but he's about 10" long) and currently in a 125 gallon tank. I am working on building his full enclosure and sketching the layout/what I need and want to get everything right the first time (I hope!). Is insulating something that is suggested? My...
  6. Skippymaxwell4

    Looking for ENCLOSURE

    Looking for AT LEAST 7x3x3 or BIGGER enclosure with spots for the lights! I know people here have just the right thing for my tegu, I need it quick and I’d prefer if you went east on me with the price pls let me know ASAP!
  7. Skippymaxwell4

    Is this an okay habitat?

    I have somebody making my tegu’s custom enclosure right now, but until then I have my tegu free roaming with a baby pool in my room that has mulch for burrowing and heating lamp. He has water on another side of the room. He doesn’t seem to want to be near the heat, but he has access to it. Is...
  8. merakjinsei

    6.5' x 4' Queen bed enclosure? Reasonable for male b/w?

    Hi, As i live in a high-density area and dont have a lot of floor space, am hoping to fit an enclosure under a queen size loft bed. The one I am looking at seems it would accomodate an enclosure thats about (could be a few inches over) 6.5 ft long by 4 ft wide (max 6.6'x 4.3'). Alternatively, if...
  9. R

    New Tegu and Enclosure pics!

    So excited to get my first Tegu. been doing a lot of research, bought a book or two. I've been working all day on the enclosure, and I'm picking up the lizard tomorrow. It's about 9 months old I think. Isn't very big. I've attached some pics of the new home. Cut some cool branches and grabbed...
  10. merakjinsei

    Wait, how do you even dispose of "old" substrate??

    I have seen it mentioned that you should replace your substrate every 3 months if its not a bioactive situation, but what are you supposed to do with the old substrate?? I presume dispose of it, but how? I dont see this brought up. I rent an apartment in a city center, so I can't just dump it...
  11. E

    How to acclimate a tegu?

    Hi. I would like to ask for some help again if I may. Currently I own a argentine black n white tegu (unknown sex). I have kept it for 6,5 years and I thino its biological age is around 7 years. It is 98 cm/3 feet or so long. For the last 5 years, I let it roam in my yard that is located...
  12. W


    I currently own a leopard tortoise, redfoot tortoise, and bearded dragon. I’ve wanted an Argentinian tegu for quite some time but I didn’t have room until now. (Got my first home) Now that I have room I’ve begun doing research into the tegus more and more and have decided, if I can plan things...
  13. Hugo's Enclosure

    Hugo's Enclosure

    Is my set up sufficient? He seems to be doing good.
  14. S

    Chameleon cage as a temporary cage for baby tegu?

    Hello, just want some advice on whether or not a chameleon cage is good for a baby tegu. I bought a reptibreeze 36*18*18 chameleons enclosure for him. I haven’t got him yet, and this will be my first tegu so I don’t really have any experience with them yet. I read online that this is a good...
  15. rantology

    Darrow's adult enclosure! [custom build]

    Hey yall! I wanted to share Darrow's newly completed custom enclosure. My husband and I built it together over the course of a month while sheltering from Covid19. We've never built anything of note before so it was a learning experience & I'm pretty proud of the result! Anyway, enough...
  16. Dragon392

    Draco’s New Digs!

    Finished the new enclosure, and got Draco moved in this past weekend. He seems to be loving it! In the end, I made a critical error in the design of the faux rock walls that caused them to crack all to hell and back, so they didn’t get used. I think it worked out better without them though...
  17. Nya Wasp

    Bioactive enclosure - sugar ant infestation!

    Hi y'all! I have my red tegu in a 8 x 3 x 3 custom cage with soil, mulch, grass, and a variety of fake plants, hides, rocks, basking platforms, and cork tree bark etc. But my Virginia native sugar ants have decided to join my enclosure! Are they safe for my tegu, she doesn't seem to mind but...
  18. Dragon392

    UV Lighting Questions for an Animal Plastics T100, Bioactive

    Hi, all! I'm trying to work out the lighting for this cage, given its size and the fact that I need UV lighting not just for the tegu, but for live plants, as well. (Most live plants will be growing from planters set into the background, where my boy can't dig them up.) Specs on the cage here...
  19. Keiko_Blue

    Please help! Tegu hurting nose on enclosure top

    Hello! I really need help figuring out what to do with my tegu’s enclosure. The top is similar to chicken wire. That is where I have his lamps sitting on top of, but he knows the lid opens and that is how he is let out. Because of this, he jumps up and scrapes his nose on the top. I cannot think...
  20. O

    Is my setup up to par? asking for a friend (the friend is me)

    hi everyone I’m new here and a Soon to be first time tegu owner. I hope to get my argentine black and white by the end of next week but right now I’m currently in the middle of making sure everything is okay with the enclosure and the lighting.I have a solar glow 125W exo terra bulb I’m...