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  1. S

    Chameleon cage as a temporary cage for baby tegu?

    Hello, just want some advice on whether or not a chameleon cage is good for a baby tegu. I bought a reptibreeze 36*18*18 chameleons enclosure for him. I haven’t got him yet, and this will be my first tegu so I don’t really have any experience with them yet. I read online that this is a good...
  2. rantology

    Darrow's adult enclosure! [custom build]

    Hey yall! I wanted to share Darrow's newly completed custom enclosure. My husband and I built it together over the course of a month while sheltering from Covid19. We've never built anything of note before so it was a learning experience & I'm pretty proud of the result! Anyway, enough...
  3. Dragon392

    Draco’s New Digs!

    Finished the new enclosure, and got Draco moved in this past weekend. He seems to be loving it! In the end, I made a critical error in the design of the faux rock walls that caused them to crack all to hell and back, so they didn’t get used. I think it worked out better without them though...
  4. Nya Wasp

    Bioactive enclosure - sugar ant infestation!

    Hi y'all! I have my red tegu in a 8 x 3 x 3 custom cage with soil, mulch, grass, and a variety of fake plants, hides, rocks, basking platforms, and cork tree bark etc. But my Virginia native sugar ants have decided to join my enclosure! Are they safe for my tegu, she doesn't seem to mind but...
  5. Dragon392

    UV Lighting Questions for an Animal Plastics T100, Bioactive

    Hi, all! I'm trying to work out the lighting for this cage, given its size and the fact that I need UV lighting not just for the tegu, but for live plants, as well. (Most live plants will be growing from planters set into the background, where my boy can't dig them up.) Specs on the cage here...
  6. Keiko_Blue

    Please help! Tegu hurting nose on enclosure top

    Hello! I really need help figuring out what to do with my tegu’s enclosure. The top is similar to chicken wire. That is where I have his lamps sitting on top of, but he knows the lid opens and that is how he is let out. Because of this, he jumps up and scrapes his nose on the top. I cannot think...
  7. O

    Is my setup up to par? asking for a friend (the friend is me)

    hi everyone I’m new here and a Soon to be first time tegu owner. I hope to get my argentine black and white by the end of next week but right now I’m currently in the middle of making sure everything is okay with the enclosure and the lighting.I have a solar glow 125W exo terra bulb I’m...
  8. Kacy

    Enclosure Advice

    I'm going to be building an outdoor enclosure for my little guy, and was wondering the best type of wood to build it out of and what else I need to treat the wood with. Any help is appreciated! Also here is the blueprint I made for the enclosure if anyone was interested
  9. Jörmungandr

    Garden Tub

    We have a very large garden tub that we no longer use, has solid glass doors with a large ledge. I have a set of lights mounted, container with substrate (can crawl into and out of), potted plants and climbing options. He is 14" and when larger I would like to have limited enclosure time and...
  10. BKing

    Enclosures - Free Roaming with Enclosure Essentials

    Hi everyone, So I've been reading up on enclosures and wanted to share some of the things I've discovered and open the conversation for questions and concerns I currently have. I read on a thread that because Birds are one of Tegus natural predators, any interaction from above will always...
  11. RomanPort

    Baffled by Sliding Doors

    Howdy! Recently, I've been working on a design for a custom Tegu enclosure in CAD software. My plan for the door is to have two sliding acrylic windows. The windows also serve as a door by sliding them open. Very similar design to your household windows, but rotated, if that helps. I'm not...
  12. TeguTeep

    HELP - Tegu escape!

    yes, this is another Tegu escape thread. She escaped once before and stayed put right where she got out on the counter. We decided to put heavy weights on the top of her enclosure as an intermediate bandaid until we could get her a bigger enclosure. However one of us I guess had a brain lapse...
  13. I

    Grow tent enclosure - with progress photos!

    I don't see these mentioned here much... but if anyone is looking for a lower cost, and more easily moved enclosure, this may be helpful to you. I got the idea from Kaijutegu on tumblr. First: Get a grow tent! These are made for growing plants indoors, and are designed to retain heat and...
  14. Dragon392

    Faux Rocks for Adult Tegus

    Hi, all! I’m prepping for a tegu next Summer (2020), so I’ve got some time to prepare. I love naturalistic enclosures, and am a glutton for punishment. I’m wondering if anyone else has found a successful method for making faux rocks for tegus. There’s plenty of faux rocks for reptiles...
  15. Largelizards

    Anyone use buffalo beetles in Dubia colony or in tegu setup

    I’ll be getting 200 buffalo beetles anyday now in the mail. They are advertised as a great cleanup crew and I was going to add them to my Dubia colony. I just don’t want to open Pandora’s box as I hear they breed like crazy and end up regretting it. Does anyone have any experience with them or...
  16. Largelizards

    Hardwood mulch and which sounds easier to clean and not attract bugs

    Right now I use cypress mulch and eco earth. But I just bought some plain old top soil that is used for filling holes(no compost), some hardwood mulch, and sphagnum peat moss from homedepot (used for organic gardening), and lots of leaf litter I collected my self consisting of safe trees like...
  17. Largelizards

    Fogger lowering surface temps

    My basking temps are 107-117 on a half log and 100-105F on a tile but when homemade fogger is on, it lowers the surface temps so log is only 100 and tile is 90. It’s a 40 g breeder tank, a 160w mega ray is over log, 75 w flood over tile and a 100w Che near middle of tank. Bêla is around 3-4...
  18. J

    Tegu Enclosure

    So I've heard lots of contradicting thoughts on what the minimum cage size is for an Argentine Black and White Tegu (Female). Can someone tell me the Minimum and the Recommended? Thanks!
  19. C

    New Tegu Owner!!

    Hi Everyone! I’m brand new to TeguTalk and owning a Tegu. I own multiple reptiles and am finally getting ready to take the first step in owning a Tegu. I am picking up a Red Tegu in March at the NARBC in Tinley Park, IL. So up until them I am on a journey to get prepared and build my enclosure...
  20. Belladonna

    Enclosure and lights

    hey yall. Im having a hard time figuring out what type of lights to have in the enclosure. I decided to go with a boamaster enclosure (anyone have any experience with them or have a better option, please let me know ) and I was still confused about the kind of lights the enclosure needs. What...