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  1. M

    Juvenile Caiman Lizard For Sale

    Looking for a good owner to rehome as I go to college. Located in McAllen/Austin, TEXAS His name is Kai and he is perfectly healthy. Unfortunately I do not have the time or required space to maintain him. He is target trained and can be handled with consistency. He is slightly bigger than the...
  2. R

    Is my Juvenile/Sub-adult Tegu Obese? Checkup

    Hello everyone. I've had my dear tegu Ghost for 5 months now. According to the people I've bought him from, he should be about a year old now. Guides I have read have recommended feeding a tegu around his age three times a week, however I've fed him every day since I've purchased him. He gets...
  3. merakjinsei

    Backpacks/bags to travel with Blue Tegus?

    Hi all, I would really like to acclimate my blue tegu to the outside world and take him on walks where he can explore, but still be comfortable. I have looked a lot at different pet bag options, trying to find one that would offer enough room for the tail, have enough ventilation, and be visible...
  4. Tetsu The Tegu


  5. R

    New juvenile tegu , out of control

    So I just got a brand new juvenile Argentine black and white. They said he was captive bred and "skittish", but when he shows up he's completely out of control ( attempted biting, flailing, running ) and his stomach was sunken in, he looked like he hadn't eaten in a while. Eventually I calmed...
  6. D

    Tegu Pacing Concern

    so ive had this 2 foot tegu for 3 days now and he is doing great. he would walk into my hand and eat out of it too now. although, i am concerned about his pacing and scratching on the glass. he does this every night, starting at around 7 (wont stop doing it even after his lights are out). is...
  7. P

    2 Year old Female woke up a grouch?

    Hello Tegu Talk! My name is Annelle, and I adopted an adolescent female B&W Argentine tegu from a rescue center last spring. I named her Saphira, and though it was rough at first, the two of us had a wonderful summer together! She learned to trust me--so much so, she would eat out of my hand...
  8. L

    How can I regain a Tegu's trust?

    So i'm a new Tegu owner and got my baby Argentine Black and White about 3 months ago. Everything started off well, first few days he was scared and shy but then started getting used to me and then got comfortable enough to let me handle/pet him and he started coming up to me and any other person...