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  1. mushu

    New red tegu owner. Is this proper??

    Hi everyone, I just got a new red tegu about a week ago who is about 6 months old. I am in the process of letting him get used to me and his new environment. He stays in his hide 80-90% of the time, comes out sometimes when I'm not in my room to bask, drink water, etc. Here is my setup: - 40...
  2. LizardStudent

    Cheap blue tegus - Trustworthy?

    Hi all, I'm new to the community and have been searching for a young blue tegu recently. I found an independent breeder on Morphmarket selling 2 month old blues for $150 plus shipping, which I though was a bit strange since blue tegus usually sell for closer to $400 - $450. The breeder site is...
  3. B

    Sexual Maturity

    i’ve posted before a couple weeks ago because i adopted a 1.5 year old male Tegu. he has warmed up nicely, however i do know he’s at his peak for sexual maturing/“puberty”. i was speaking to his previous owner, who also has been contacting his breeder to answer a couple of questions i had, but i...
  4. Space

    New to the Tegu parent family! Looking for some personal experience tips!

    Hey everyone! I just adopted my first Tegu and I'm relatively newer to the reptile family. I'm well versed in what is needed specifically for him however I have a question about sleep. So I'm assuming he is sleeping more (burrowing) because he needs to adjust to his new environment? I'd like to...
  5. A

    Care Plan and Ideas - Advice request

    I don't have a tegu yet but I'm very interested in getting one (I'm thinking Argentine B&W), so I'm doing my research and making plans for how to take care of it. I'd love input on my info and ideas, and feel free to correct anything that may be misinformed or potentially harmful. :) Let's...