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New to the Tegu parent family! Looking for some personal experience tips!


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Hey everyone! I just adopted my first Tegu and I'm relatively newer to the reptile family. I'm well versed in what is needed specifically for him however I have a question about sleep. So I'm assuming he is sleeping more (burrowing) because he needs to adjust to his new environment? I'd like to know whether waking up your tegu or letting them wake themselves has benefited more towards a good relationship.


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Welcome and congrats. First 2-3weeks lwt them call the shots. Still, talk when you are changing water, etc. regardless of where it is. Also, add,worn shurt to hide for familiarity.


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The shirt worked for me when I got my first Tegu. I'm convinced any new environment for them is stressful - so letting them sleep and feel safe is best. Let them come check you out - they'll get hungry and figure things out. You'll get great info here - the members have saved my tail (no pun intended) a few times!! Everyone is eager to help, and friendly.