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    Finally get to join a Tegu forum!

    Been waiting for a tegu for over a year and I finally have one! I'm not entirely sure on the sex of my Blue, but I found this photo in previous threads here, and circled what I think I'm looking for. Is THIS what everyone is saying about needing pictures that show these areas? (Bumps or no bumps)
  2. D

    Can anyone sex my tegu?

    Can anyone tell the sex? It was sold a female but there’s a hard spot by her cloaca and I can’t tell if it is these bbs everyone talks about.
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    New Member - Question about sexing

    Hello, I have just joined this forum as I am a new tegu owner and am unsure about the sex of the animal. He/She is just under 900 grams and about 6 months old. I have these pictures of the cloacal area. I purchased him/her about 5 months ago.
  4. M

    Male or female help?

    Hello all!! I have a baby tegu that is about 2 months old? They weren’t sure where I got him/her so that is my estimation. It may be way to early to tell but I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me sex my tegu? I can try and take better pics next time Dozer is out of these pics...
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    How Do You Seek Specific Gender Tegu if Baby is Wanted?

    Hey all! I understand that tegus are difficult to sex when young. What do you do when you're seeking a specific gender (e.g., for breeding) but want to acquire a baby tegu rather than an adult? Are you just supposed to take a guess and hope the 50/50 is in your favor? If cost were not an...