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  1. Mad

    My tegu is constipated

    Help! Doggie, my tegu, normally poops in a specific place in my room where I keep puppy pads, but he hasn’t eatin in two and hasn’t pooped for three. Ive been giving him warm soaks and have been rubbing his back, he hasn’t eatin any substrate and typically gets fed outside of his enclosure, what...
  2. E

    HELP: sudden aggresion and what to do?

    Hi, I would like ask for some helps or tips from you guys if I may. Currently I have one bw tegu (unknown sex) that is 98 cm long. I have kept it since 6,4 years ago I think but I got no idea for its biological age (probably 7 years old judging by the size when I bought it was 40 cm long?). In...
  3. I


    I’m Jess and I’ve had charmander for a few years she’s so sweet and about 5 months ago she disappeared we thought she got out because because we’re remodeling the house . Well I was getting ready for work the other day and heard something in the kitchen sure enough I see her tail hanging out the...
  4. Asheya

    URGENT; adopted mistreated

    Hi guys, A friend of mine who works in rescue saved a beautiful red Tegu and with me being the only person she knows who cares of them, she asked me to take him and I happily obliged. However, he's in rough shape. He's a sweet pup, but he has months of shed built up on his back. He was kept in...
  5. A

    HELP! Is my tegu sick?

    Hello everyone, I’m new to this family. Let’s start with the problem. I’ve had a 12 inch BW Tegu for 2 weeks, he was eating well, with a nice belly with him and a good looking tail, he likes to burrow in the dirt SO MUCH, he is all day making burrows in his enclosure. BUT, he has been burrowed...
  6. Talon1992

    New cage, asian water monitor acting very strange and aggressive. help please.

    Hello everyone. So ive had a wonderful little asian water monitor for about a year now. I got him as a rescue from a local animal shelter where he was simply labeled as " lizard". But I knew better, he was gonna be a big boy. As expected he very quickly outgrew the 50 gallon terrarium i had him...