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tegu bite

  1. isislima2

    Behavior change

    I just got a baby that was really nice and mellow for the first couple of weeks and now that it’s getting close to two months the attitude seems to be changing a bit and he’s a way more skittish and started to bite. I noticed he got more confident getting used to his enclosure and also having a...
  2. B

    What to do if tegu bites u

    Hey my adult tegu niped me it barely broke skin but it bled I cleaned the blood and waited for it to stop bleeding and put hydrogen peroxide on it and I was scared of should I go to the hospital for infection or and I probably good
  3. M

    Tegu bites anything and everything I hold or pick up!

    My tegu always loves to run up to me and attack whatever it is I’m holding whenever I’m in her sight. She even goes after fingers or toes when people are walking or dangling their hands off the couch, and it’s starting to become a little concerning. I can’t even take a drink from my water bottle...
  4. B

    New baby tegu, taming help!

    I just recently bought a 2 month old baby black and white tegu, when I brought him hone he let me pick him up maybe once or twice without issues.. the second day came around and he let me pick him up once, but started whipping a little bit and running.. but on the third day he wanted Nothing to...
  5. CharlieTheTegu

    New Tegu Bonding

    Hello! Firstly, I'm happy to be a part of a community that seems to be as enthusiastic about tegus as you all are. I'm sure these questions have been answered a million times already but I wanted to present you with my exact situation to make sure all variables are known. I just got my new tegu...
  6. Debita

    Tegu Bite - Keeping it real...

    @Walter1, and @RomanPort and now @Mcpinchynubs.... Now that I have fixed the constipation/blockage issue....I wanted to tell you guys about my idiot blunder. On Monday - I received a nasty bite from the vice grip of my 2 yr old male, Skully. I had to pry open his mouth (top jaw) with my left...