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  1. teguwhisperer1967

    CUSTOM PET PHOTO CLOCKS. Perfect as a gift or for your own reptile room!

    To have one of these fully functioning 11x14” shadowbox clocks made using photos of your own pets, email: [email protected]
  2. D

    Welcoming tegus needing rehoming or for sale cheap

    I just opened a tegu and reptile sanctuary in tucson Arizona all tegus welcome currently only have reds. I breed crickets,super worms,dubia roaches, quail and much more. I am on a 12 acre property. With the ban in Florida coming I'm looking to help rehome tegus in need!! My property is a old...
  3. C

    Question about parasites

    Hi everyone. First post here. So, I just bought a baby Argentine red from underground reptiles. I keep it in a 40gal with a powersun 100w. I bought an Exoterra that kept hermit crabs from a thrift store. It came with a fake plant and a hide. I washed them, and let them soak in hot tap water...
  4. Kayla Larrea

    Tegus Only Review

    I purchased a juvenile tegu from Rodney about a year ago and I could not be happier! For those of you who don’t know, Tegus are invasive in Florida and can be killed on site. Rodney catches and rehomes them rather than allowing them to be uthenized, which is so awesome! Every step of the...
  5. Murrellfamilyzoo

    Tegus Only . Com

    anyone have experience purchasing a “rescue” tegu from Rodney Irwin at Tegus Only? He really seems like an up and up guy but haven’t heard much about his company from customers.